For professional wrestling fans, a name like Chris Jericho is well-known and adored. Fairhaven resident, Bobby Cruise, was able to rub elbows with the wrestling legend on Wednesday night’s episode of AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam when he commanded the attention of 15,000 people as the official ring announcer for the exciting event.

While Wednesday night was another feather added to his cap, Cruise is certainly no stranger to boxing rings and microphones.

Who is Bobby Cruise?

As a kid growing up in Rochester, Bobby Cruise loved the world of wrestling. He never wanted to be a wrestler, but he was fascinated by the production of it, and as he got older, that desire to be involved never faltered.

In high school, he played sports, but when the women’s basketball coach, Bob Hohne, approached him about a job opening to be the PA announcer for their games, he jumped at the opportunity.

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It was the beginning of Cruise’s long and successful career.

“And he reminds me all the time,” joked Cruise.

In his early twenties, he announced all over New England, and in 2002, was presented an opportunity to announce in Pennsylvania. It was his first big break.

“Steve Carino did an event that I was producing and announcing for. He said he liked my announcing and asked me to do his shows in Pennsylvania,” explained Cruise. “He was also an integral part of Zero1 in Japan. I went from bumming around New England for seven or eight years to announcing in Tokyo.”

Cruise’s career snowballed from there.

Cruise Gets Involved with AEW

In 2004, Cruise found his groove with a company called Ring of Honor and was working full-time doing what he loves the most.

By the end of 2021, however, Cruise and his peers learned that Ring of Honor was going on a "hiatus".

Thankfully, in March of this year, Tony Kahn, owner of AEW, scooped up the Ring of Honor brand and brought along Cruise.

“A new breath of life came to the company,” said Cruise.

On Wednesday night, at the Arthur Ash Stadium in Queens, New York, the man from Rochester got the broadcast started, and he was pumped.

“I heard people screaming my name and I saw familiar faces of people who have supported Ring of Honor over the years and now I see them supporting AEW…It was really cool,” he said. “I’ve traveled all over the world, but moments like last night, with 15,000 people watching, I try to take it all in.”

What’s Next for Cruise?

Cruise is hopeful that Kahn will give Ring of Honor its own television deal under the AEW umbrella. He is also actively promoting an all-women wrestling league called Women’s Wrestling Army, with the help of his business partner and professional wrestler, Maria Kanellis.

“It’s all about creating more opportunities for women that not only want them but deserve them,” said Cruise.s

Women's Wrestling Army is available for free on the streaming service Pro Wrestling TV.

From humble beginnings on the basketball court, to under the bright lights for the AEW franchise, there is no stopping SouthCoast native Bobby Cruise.

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