Two thresher sharks stranded along the Cape have died and experts say the cold weather is to blame.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in Chatham were called about two thresher sharks found on Cape Cod beaches during yesterday's bitter cold.

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Facebook page

According to their Facebook page, the non-profit organization along with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and NOAA Fisheries Services went to the scenes and found the dead sharks.

They say the sharks likely became stranded and died of cold shock.

Tissue and organ samples as well as morphometric data were taken and when they thaws enough to test, more information about the thresher sharks will be known.

sample taking
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Facebook page

Typically threshers head towards warmer waters in the winter months, but these two likely got caught in Cape waters after staying through an unseasonably warm fall and got stuck as things turned cold quick.

Testing will determine if this is true or if something else contributed to the shark's deaths.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy says if you are out on the beaches this time of year and see something unusual you can always send them a message on Facebook to check it out.

Just be sure to grab a photo and location so they know what they're looking for when they get there.

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