It's not the actual Bigfoot creature, but I think it's just as gross.

I'm the complete opposite of a foot person. You put your feet anywhere near me and you can guarantee I'm running in the other direction. I'll literally scream.

So coming across this picture of a big freaking foot literally had me yelling out, "Why?" This massive foot is just chilling outside a winery in Amherst, Massachusetts. I treat all wineries equally, but if I had to see that thing when I got to it, I'd probably barf. I mean, look at that big toe – no thank you!

After doing some digging, it appears there is something for which the foot actually – ahem – stands. It's there to remind visitors to the winery that wine was, until pretty recently, made by crushing the grapes with our feet. I'm not going to lie, I'm starting to look at wine a little differently now.

This gigantic foot has been sitting in front of the Amherst Farm Winery since 2011 and sometimes gets put into service to feature in holiday parades. It's a hard pass for me on wanting to see this thing in person but maybe it's a road trip wine day for you and the girls.

It seems like a cute enough winery but I can't get past the big foot just chilling as you drive into it. Am I alone on this?

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