We are very lucky to be living by the beach pretty much all across the SouthCoast. But how did our corner of the world rank among the best beach towns in the U.S.?

Sadly not well at all.

Seriously, not a single SouthCoast town cracked the list of nearly 150 towns. How is that possible?

In fact not a single New England beach town appears in the findings until #44, and that's Westport, CT.

What about Westport, MA?

There are lots of great beach towns around hereand I really am surprised none made it on this list anywhere. I mean even Cape towns are barely on there.

South Yarmouth comes in at #91 and Hull lands at #142 - and that's it!

Newport and Westerly Rhode Island are #85 and #105 respectively and somehow Warwick, RI ends up at #123.

But no Marion? No Fairhaven? No Mattapoisett? No Onset?


The top spots on these findings from Wallethub.com are pretty much all in Florida, Hawaii and California.

And while I know they have super nice beach towns there, I think we have them here too.

And to be completely left off the list is a bit of a shocker.

So let's make a list of our own. Which SouthCoast town would you say is the "Best Beach Town?"

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