Before today, I never would have imagined that "pet favoritism" was an actual thing until I asked the wonderful world of social media.

I can totally understand how one dog or one cat can maybe be more well-behaved than the other, or perhaps one of them is more "cuddly" than the other, but to love one more than the other? Yeah, it's a thing.

Out of almost 60 people, about 90 percent openly admitted that they had no problem favoring one pet over the other, some in other instances choosing their pets over their own "adult" kids – jokingly, of course.

There were a lot of "Yes, but don’t tell them," and "Yes, and I have a least favorite, but he doesn’t know lol" thrown around, but this one took the cake for me:

"I have a 12 year old son and my puppy just turned 1. I always tell everyone I love my dog as if it was my child and my son always tells me you always said you didn’t want more kids, but you got a puppy/ dog and it’s just like having another child. The dog is like having a toddler. I tell my son.. the human, that he is correct I don’t want anymore children but if I have to choose I choose the dog he is my favorite he doesn’t talk back, and he loves me unconditionally... the dog is my favorite lol"  — Melissa Couto

Not everyone was on board with the whole "favoritism" ordeal and commented with "no" and "How could you love one more than other?" and honestly, I believe that's where I stand on this situation.

"I have a cat and a dog, my dog I've had 10 yrs and my cat 1 1/2yrs and i love them both equally. I couldn't choose one over the other" — Cheryl Silveira

If there was ever such a thing as "cat OCD," I most certainly have it. For example, if I give one cat two pets or two kisses on the head, the other has to have the exact same amount of pets or kisses. Weird, I know, but this is how my brain operates and it's a strange place.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have one pet favored over the other or do you love them both equally? Email me at, let's chat about cats and dogs. I'm intrigued by what you have to say.

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