Warwick, Rhode Island, is home to the only exotic bird rescue in Rhode Island dedicated to finding new homes for the birds in their care.

If you think a parrot or cockatoo could be the perfect pet for you, there are more than you may think who are looking for their forever homes close to the SouthCoast.

While many people think adorable when they adopt a pet, there are some very intelligent and surprisingly cuddly animals some may not be thinking of.

Exotic birds.

Yes, exotic birds are adoptable animals and legal pets in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Plus, there are dozens to choose from at Rhode Island Parrot Rescue in Warwick.

Adopting a parrot is no joke and Rhode Island Parrot Rescue takes the adoption process very seriously. Many of the birds they are looking to re-home live very long lives. Cockatiels can live up to 18 years, Macaws up to 50 years. The Amazon parrot can live an amazing 75 years.

This is certainly making a lifelong commitment to your pet. But in return, you get a real companion with some of these exotic birds. Many breeds of parrot can learn to talk. They often will sit on your shoulder or snack out of your hand. You can't say these birds aren't beautiful.

Keep scrolling to see some of the exotic birds Rhode Island Parrot Rescue is currently trying to place in forever homes. Though some of these feathered faces need a little extra love and care, their bright colors and big personalities might have you rethinking your next pet.

See the Adoptable Birds Waiting for You at the Rhode Island Parrot Rescue

Fluffy pets aren't the only pets looking for their forever homes. In Warwick, Rhode Island many exotic birds are available for adoption at the Rhode Island Parrot Rescue and many would make simply stunning addition to any household.

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