My son Dylan started school today ! It's a big day for him and any parent sending their child to school for the very first time and we are very proud of him .


Dylan seemed to be handling his first day in kindergarten well, but I am sure deep down inside he may have been a little nervous. As we left him in his new class room with practically strangers,  I started thinking about how stressful it can be on him an his new class mates , This is a time you need to be there and be attentive to your child's fears about starting a new chapter in the life. Hope you enjoy you child's first day of school and hope these tips help ! Let me know how it goes here at


  • Let the child know that he is not alone and that other children have similar experiences. 
  • Provide reasonable reassurance and nurturing.
  • describe the specifics of what the child might expect at school. 
  • Explain that  each day will be easier. 
  • Take the opportunity to visit the school, classroom or teacher in advance if possible. 
  • Get the child into a predictable routine of bedtimes and mealtimes that are consistent 
  • Set a positive example; role model the behavior the child is expected to learn. 


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