From the Buttonwood Park Zoo press release: "The Buttonwood Park Zoo is celebrating the birth of a Bolivian gray titi monkey (Callicebus donacophilus). This is the first species born to primates in the new Rainforests, Rivers & Reefs exhibit. The baby was born on September 7 to first time parents, Madeira and Crumpet. Baby’s gender is unknown at this time.

Baby Titi With Parents / Buttonwood Park Zoo

Crumpet, 3 years-old, and Madeira, 9 years-old, arrived from the Minnesota Zoo this spring, joining five other species of small South American primates in Rainforests, Rivers & Reefs sponsored by Stoico/FIRSTFED.

Bolivian gray titi monkeys weigh around two to three pounds as adults and have a lifespan of 20-25 years. They are diurnal, meaning active during the day, and are an arboreal species. Members of the group exhibit social bonding by sitting side by side and twining their tails. There is a strong bond between adult mating pairs; they stay close and carry out activities together, including infant care. The baby will remain on the back of one parent for several months, about 80% of that time will be with dad, Crumpet."

Baby Titi With Dad / Buttonwood Park Zoo

I could NOT contain my excitement looking at these photos! Can I please just snuggle this little fluff right now?!