I've been a part of more weddings that I could've ever imagine, and I've got some stories to tell.

All weddings come with their own character. Their own experiences. They each bring a different energy, and as a result, you end up with a different story from each one. I've been to so many weddings the last few years. I've been a guest. I've been the DJ. I've been the officiant. I've been a groomsman and I've been the best man. I've seen weddings through a ton of different lenses and I've see a lot of crazy things through those lenses.

Here are three of my favorite wedding stories:

3. The Kitchen's on Fire

Yup, exactly what you're thinking: the kitchen caught fire. I was the best man at my friend's wedding. We had been interacting with the wedding planner, because we had our traditional Backstreet Boys performance planned. At one point the planner runs out to me and pulls me away from pictures. "Hey, we're going to need to stall for time I need you to get your group together and get that performance ready. You're going to have to do it earlier than planned." I foolishly asked why and her response was, "The kitchen was on fire and now we can't get anything started back up, so we can't cook the food." I never should have asked.

As luck would have it when we got inside and stalled more and more, before we had to perform they got everything back up and running and we got back on schedule. The bride and groom never knew. Well, they didn't know until I told them the next day, "Yo did you know the kitchen was on fire?"

2. A Night at the Opera

This one happened right at the end of 2018. I was working with a bride to prepare to DJ her wedding. She told me, "I'm going to sing as a surprise, so could you just announce that I have something to say?" I thought nothing of it other than aww, how nice.

The wedding rolls around and right after the speeches, I do my part and tell everyone the bride wants to speak. She comes down and stands next to this piano. A man comes out of nowhere and starts playing said piano. Then she starts singing, but not like just any singer. SHE'S AN OPERA SINGER. The wedding was in a museum and the acoustics were on point. It was literally the most surprising and amazing thing I've ever seen. The groom started crying, so naturally, I started crying. Then we all started crying. It was a whole thing I wasn't prepared for whatsoever.

1. The Russian Wedding

I don't know if anyone reading this has been to a Russian wedding before, but you need to go to one yesterday. My fiancée is Russian, so naturally, I was at some point going to attend a Russian wedding.

I wasn't ready.

First of all, when we got to the table it was already covered in food. There were two sort-of pitchers on the table of water and soda. I sat down in awe of the food and poured myself a glass of water. I chugged the water down and quickly realized it was straight vodka. The "soda" was cognac. They literally just had unlimited pitchers of hard liquor on the table. Then some MC came out and was walking around with a bottle of vodka and pouring shots for people as he spoke.

The food was delicious and never-ending. The booze had me living in some other land. It was the most incredible party of a lifetime. Apparently, I was given a lot of credit the next day as I was the only American who survived the entire wedding and lasted the whole night.

I didn't survive the next day, but I'll take the compliment.

I could go on for days with my wild wedding stories, but most of the rest aren't appropriate for this website. I figured I'd keep this list as tame as possible, but let me tell you, weddings are one hell of a time.


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