Weddings aren't cheap so I started driving for Lyft and well... it's interesting.

In search of some extra money to put away into the wedding fund, I became a Lyft driver. Obviously when you're doing something like this you meet a lot of different people. Plus, I'm a pretty chatty guy, so I figured it would be perfect! Well after my first day doing a few rides... it's definitely interesting.

The First Ride

The first ride was with a pretty cool guy. He had gold teeth which I think were fake since he didn't have a car and I'd think a car is higher on the priority list than gold teeth, but what do I know. The ride was a quick 3 minute because he just didn't feel like walking to work (I can't hate on that). The ride got interesting when he started trying to tell me he worked for Rick Ross. I mean he worked at a Wingstop which IS owned by Rick Ross, but he also told me he shot music videos and was definitely leading me to believe he was doing that for Ross.... SPOILER ALERT. He wasn't. Before he got out I spent 5 and a half minutes watching a video I "needed" to see and he promised me he'll help me build my instagram profile into an empire. It was a pretty full ride for just 3 minutes.

The Hookup

There was this other girl who was ALL business. She works for some realtor type place thing and was apparently still on the job even though she was off the clock. Before I knew it, she set me up with an appointment to work on getting my house evaluated for selling it. I mean I still don't even know how we got there, but hey maybe she can hook me up with a sweet deal. I'll take what I can get!

The All-Star

The last ride I gave for the night was a girl heading to the movies. She wasn't just looking for a ride she was looking to enjoy it! After a long and intricate evaluation of the new song from Eminem featuring Beyonce, we got stuck behind a car with the hazards on. We decided while we waited we'd build an entire scenario for the people we saw slowly exiting the car one by one. It turns out he was a professor with his jaded wife and there was a plot twist when a third woman got out of the car about 2 minutes after them and also entered the house. Family? a really strange affair? who knows! If it was up to us, it was the strange affair... it's just more of a juicy story.

Lyfting Is Definitely Going To Be Fun

So, it wasn't a totally wild first day but if this cast of characters is any indication of what's to come, I'm going to have a lot of fun with this. Stay tuned, I'll throw some videos together coming up when I get some wilder stories and keep you updated on all the wild and crazy "Tales From The Lyft."

Stay Tuned.

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