B Mo the Prince is on the hunt to help find BMo the Cat.

So first and foremost and all joking aside, there REALLY IS a cat named BMo and she’s missing. Jennifer Matos Laroche posted on Facebook today that her family’s cat has been missing for three days. She’s not a cat that likes the outdoors and is actually afraid of it. If there’s any way you could help, that would be fantastic!

Now on to all the questions I inevitably have now that I’m finding out I’m also a cat. So I’ve been going by B Mo for quite a time now. There is no doubt in my mind that I was B Mo before this cat was BMo. So what has led to this connection with my namesake?

Was this cat named after me? If so, thank you, I’m flattered. If not, was I somehow named after this cat in some weird time loop situation?

What if instead of a werewolf, I’m a werecat? I mean, what if when a full moon comes out, instead of turning into a wolf I just turn into your standard house cat?

There are so many more questions than answers.

Jennifer tells me it’s because of a character named BMO on a show called Adventure Time, but I’m I like my wild theories better.

In the end, the only thing that matters is BMo getting back home. So please take a look at the pictures and if you see or find her, reach out!

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