FALL RIVER — One of Massachusetts' most wanted fugitives and the suspect in a 1991 Attleboro murder case has returned to Massachusetts after he was caught in Guatemala late last year.

The Bristol County District Attorney's Office said Mario Garcia has been extradited from the Central American country and is back in Massachusetts.

Garcia will be arraigned in Fall River Superior Court on Tuesday morning on a murder charge for the fatal stabbing of Ismael Recinos-Garcia in Attleboro over three decades ago.

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Now around 50 years old, Garcia was found living under an alias and running a shrimp farm in Iztapa, Guatemala, according to police.

He was caught in a joint effort by Attleboro and state police along with U.S. Marshals, U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Services, and the Policía Nacional Civil de Guatemala.

Garcia is suspected of stabbing Recino-Garcia to death during a fight at the corner of Dean and Bank streets in Attleboro in 1991, when he was just 19 years old.

Investigators believed he fled to his native Guatemala after authorities identified him as the suspected assailant and took out a warrant for his arrest.

He was found decades later at the shrimp farm following the multi-agency effort to find him.

Police said Garcia tried to get away by jumping into water, but he was caught and arrested in December 2022.

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