Luckily with this kind of storm, we have some time to prepare for a worst-case scenario while hoping for the best.   As we go to the supermarket, home improvement stores and move lawn furniture from our yards, are we also preparing our pets as well?   If we do get high winds and coastal flooding, it is certainly not safe for pets to be left outdoors.   Here are some recommended things for pet owners to do before Sandy hits.

Get a current photo of your pet, just in case they become lost.  Also make sure ID tags are up to date and fastened to their collar. If you are in an area that could be flooded, check with family and friends who are not in the path of the storm and ask if they can harbor your pets for a couple of days.

If not, check with local animal shelters who may have room.   And please, if you need to evacuate, DO NOT LEAVE ANY PETS BEHIND.  Have them crated and ready to go.  Take along pet food, dishes, bottled water and pet medications well.  Just some common sense things to make sure all members of the family are able to safely ride out the storm.