While some people find going for a walk or walking their dog as their form of relaxation, Bob Austin of Bridgewater prefers a little music.

I live in Fairhaven near Fort Phoenix. It's just blocks away from me, so I find myself heading there to stretch my legs at least once a day. I always seem to find interesting things and people there, but this was a first.

When out for a walk, I'm the type to just throw in my earbuds and become an introvert – which for anyone that knows me knows is very rare.

As I arrived at the fort, I could see this gentleman wearing an outfit that makes him stick out to just about anyone. At first, I can't tell if he is just meditating or doing some kind of mating call. I decide to walk around to see what he is doing from the front, and lo and behold he is singing jazz music. He was using a simple setup of a microphone, a speaker and a mixer that allowed him to play the background track.

I asked him if it was ok if I took pictures and videos and he said, "Absolutely, I just wish I wore my favorite t-shirt instead of this one."

He is no Frank Sinatra but I could sit in front of him all day and just listen. I asked him if we can book him for events and his response was, "Nah, I just do this for fun. Some people walk their dogs, I do this."

Bob Austin isn't on social media and actually works on gutters for a living. He told me to ask the Gutter Guys about him, and I just might have to.

It definitely put a smile on my face and I had to give him something for the entertainment, and I must have started a trend because others around me decided to throw him a few dollars, too. He didn't have a tip jar and as you can see he was wearing a "mask" as well.

Be on the lookout for Bob next time you are out and about. He is from Bridgewater but said he loves to visit all the beaches along the SouthCoast.

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