We have a hot new song here at Fun 107 that we all love, Ariana Grande "The Way". I'm sure you've heard the rising hit from the Nickelodeon star, but I cant help but think that it sounds just like an old Fat Joe hit.

In 2003, Fat Joe helped a very unknown singer named Thalia achieve a hit song. "I Want You" became the only Thalia song on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #22. The song was released in many countries around the world but hit the charts in relatively low positions. It achieved mainstream radio access in countries like the US,Turkey, Greece, Romania, Hungary as well as in Mexico and Latin America. "I want you" met huge radio success in Japan.

Let's compare:

Thalia featuring Fat Joe - I Want You

Ariana Grande - The Way


So we gotta ask, same song? What do you think?