Your business may be doing just fine- but would you rather fill your days will one type of job and not the other?

We meet with businesses all the time and often, while they have a lot of business, they would like to see more of a particular type of business.

Recently, a local oil heating company owner said it would be great if rather than taking 3 full days to install a new burner if he could do more jobs installing ductless heating. The cost for both jobs is similar, but ductless heating takes only a half-day's time versus the 3 full days the burner takes to install.

A roofing company made a similar remark, noting that 300 sub-contracted roof jobs are great- but not as great as 300 direct contract roof jobs.

A pool and hot tub retailer wants to do more hot tubs sales because of the quick installation time versus an inground pool installation.

See what's going on here. Clients want more of the right business and that's where Townsquare Media New Bedford can help.

If your business needs help getting more of the right type of business - whatever that means for you - contact our office to get started.


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