I have been a football fan for years, but apparently my ability to pick a winner is questionable at best.

The Pick 'Em contest is underway and myself along with many co-workers made our picks for week 1.

I thought I was going to do okay. I watch a lot of football, I feel like I know the teams, I play fantasy football every year.

Apparently I thought wrong.

I was literally beat by everyone I work with, including the lovely Phil Paleologos, who just randomly decided to choose for no real reason. Really?!?

Pick Em Standings

I only beat people who forgot to pick anyone...and chances are they would have beaten me too.

My fantasy football season is starting just as horribly. With two of my go-to wide receivers going down by week 1 and a pathetic loss to my own brother (I will hear about this one for years.).

Is it just me?

Anybody else having a terrible start to their fantasy football season and other pick em leagues?

I suppose things can turn around and I shouldn't complain too much after just one week.

And considering you can win a $50 gift card every week from Barrett's Ale House by making good picks I will be trying again and again.

You can get in on this winning as well (and hopefully do better than me!) by clicking the link below.

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