Imagine cruising around on your jet ski and finding a floating wine bottle with a note inside? That's exactly what happened to Kyle DeSousa of Acushnet.

On Saturday, August 7, DeSousa was hanging out in Buzzards Bay about three miles south of West Island when he came across a glass bottle with a note inside. This is what the note said:

Dear Curious Person,

Hello! I suppose I should introduce myself to you. My name is Bela Filstrup, I'm 17 and a rising senior in High School. I'm from New York City, though I'm planning on moving somewhere far away for college.

As for this bottle, it was dropped in the ocean some 100 miles off Boston, near or in the gulf of Maine. Why here? Well, I'm currently helping crew a research driven tall ship with 20 other high school students and 16 other crew members. This morning was my first dawn watch, so I was analyzing phytoplankton at 3 AM.

It's only been a six days since we left Woods Hole, Cape Cod, and I can only vaguely imagine what it feels like when the ground isn't rocking.

Well stranger, I'm not sure if you are on a beach, or boat, or in the U.S., speak English, old or young, but I do know you are curious enough to pick up a bottle with a note and read it. Maybe some of the magic or goodness still exists in the world for you to find it, but know I am so glad you did and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day, week, life.

But I would ask you tell me a bit about your story. (she includes email and phone number)

All the best,


Pretty great, huh? There's only one thing though: this letter was signed on July 27, 2021, just about 10 days before it was discovered. Somewhere 100 miles out from Boston was the departure of the bottle that eventually made its way here to the SouthCoast. Not too shabby for a 10-day "cruise."

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"My girlfriend and I always pick up trash when we're out on the jet skis, you'd be surprised how many balloons are floating around out there," DeSousa said. "That's when I noticed something floating and when I picked up the bottle, my girlfriend saw the note inside."

DeSousa spends most of his time traveling back and forth to Martha's Vineyard, so after he scooped up the bottle, he signed his name, the date that he found the note, and then relaunched it off of the coast of Aquinnah between Martha's Vineyard and Nomans Land Island.

This Bella person also left her email and phone number on the note with instructions to call or reach out if found.

"I ended up texting the number, saw the 'delivered' message, but never heard back," DeSousa said.

As for the bottle, it's well on its way once again, in hopes that it travels a bit further. Perhaps an international journey is in store, but until then, the bottle's fate is in the waves of the sea.

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