It's incredible what a DNA swab can tell you about the history of your family.

For Christmas, my brother and I received a package from as a present from our parents. Even though we knew the larger story of our heritage, Portuguese and French, he and I were always curious about the bigger picture.

I'm not going to lie... if this test is accurate as it says it is, then I'm a bit surprised at the results:

Well then... apparently I'm a full-blown melting pot of ethnicity. Scandinavian? Irish?! I mean, it most certainly explains my size and love for beer and Jameson Irish Whiskey, but I had absolutely no idea I had any of these backgrounds in my family's bloodline.

The interest factor in these tests for me is through the roof. I've always wanted to know the simple questions such as "where is my family from?"... but now that I know this answer, I feel as though I need to know more in-depth details of my family's past.

Western-Europe ancestry is very common in these neck of the woods, and I wasn't expecting much more than that... I guess I was wrong. If you've ever asked yourself if the test is worth doing? I'll leave you with the simple answer of "Why not?"


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