Quarantined and stuck home with the kids for the next 2-3 weeks? No problem, we've got you.

Now that the law has been laid down for us, there's no escaping it: we are stuck at home during this coronavirus outbreak. Whether you are riding out this time alone or with your children, having some structure can't hurt, right? I came across this great COVID-19 daily schedule that all of us could use to keep ourselves on some type of structured regimen.

As I scrolled through Instagram today, I am seeing so many friends doing fun things with the kids but also trying to stick to a school day schedule.

My favorite part of the chart below here is the morning walk from 9-10 a.m. I love the idea of getting the day started with a brisk walk and some fresh air. I also love the idea of academic and creative time for kids happening before lunch. Then the afternoon calls for them to get off their butts and do some chores around the house or in their rooms. This week, my boys are working on cleaning out and re-organizing their closets.

Facebook meme
Facebook meme

Rounding out the day with some more fresh-air playtime for them sounds awesome to me. And seeing as there are no activities or sports to get to, no gym to go and not much of anything else, we get to eat dinner together as a family. The best!

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