Tom Farland from the Acushnet Fire Department knew just what to do to save this adventurous cat. As you can see from this photo, Skittles always has his eye on the birds. As most cats do, with their natural instinct to chase them.

Well, Skittles got himself caught 30 feet high and stuck in a tree. While climbing that tree may have been easy, coming down was the part he couldn't quite figure out.

Tom was skillful in his rescue as most cats are pretty resistant and, well, usually trees don't make it easy for a rescue of this kind. Luckily this story has a happy ending and Skittles was returned to his owner. Skittles was actually a rescue cat that they fell in love with and was slowly being introduced to the outside world.

Apparently, Skittles has the "no fear" attitude and ventured a little too high. I love cats (and dogs) but cats have this sassy attitude about them that I can totally relate to. Either way, I'm glad we have caring professionals that understand just how much these felines mean to us.

Have you ever had to call for help from our first responders? What happened?

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