Ever since it was launched, my kids have been crushing me to get the Disney+ streaming service. I didn't jump at it because I wanted to see if it really was as good as advertised. It feels like it is.

I think they kind of expected to get it for Christmas, but to be truthful, I kind of dropped the ball and forgot to get it. Now that Christmas is over, they are once again asking me to subscribe.

I know what you're thinking: It's only seven bucks, Rock. Just spring for it and give it to your kids. I know it's only seven bucks. But the Netflix subscription just went up, along with the cable and internet. Adding another $7 into our monthly entertainment budget is not high on my priority list of things to do.

I think my kids could sense my lack of enthusiasm for the idea of ordering Disney+ because last night they came to me with a proposition.

"What if we paid for it?" they both asked with seven one-dollar bills in their hand.

I like their persistence, but I know how this will go. They'll pay the first month or two, then everyone (including me) will forget about it and the autopay from my bank account will go on and on for the end of time.

Plus, there's part of me that will feel guilty holding out my hand and taking $7 from my kids every month. I'd kind of feel like a jerk.

Some callers to The Rock and Fox Show this morning urged me to do it. "It'll be great for them! They'll learn about paying bills, and you can put the money aside for family fun or into an account for them for college mad money."

Mary from New Bedford texted in this message on the Fun 107 app: "My opinion, let them pay for it. It’s a very small bill to start teaching them some responsibility. If they are earning the money an this is how they choose to spend it, be grateful it’s on something like Disney + because they could spend it on much worse."

Strong argument, Mary!

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