Fun 107 has audio from a little girl who says she was one of the protesters at the Alma Del Mar Charter school.

The protest happened following a Civil Engagement class, when the violence in Ferguson was covered...and it has at least one parent upset.

“Having the children off school property without any parental permission slip is inexcusable,” Officer George Borden said during an WHDH Channel 7 interview. “I found that extremely upsetting, multiple people I've spoken to felt the same way, I've shown them pictures of this."

Officer Borden's was also concerned with any anti police jargon that might have been present during the protest.

Alma Del Mar's executive director, Will Gardner told Fun 107 that it was an isolated incident and he is addressing it with the one parent who was upset. “They couldn't do anything that would be anti-police or anti-any particular people. The scholars agreed to that and they asked the principal for permission as well."

This little girl told us that she was one of the 2nd graders involved in the protest. We asked the little girl who came up with the idea for the protest...this is what she had to say:

However, Mr. Gardner assured Fun 107 that the students came up with the idea for the protest on their own.

The full interview with the parent and child:

And the full interview with Will Gardner:

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