What do kids really want this Christmas or in the new year?  At some point in the next few months, about half of those in the 6-to-12 age group want an Apple iPad, 48 percent to be exact according to Nielsen. 

Whether or not parents deliver is another story.  The starting price of a full-sized version of this Apple product is $499.   Since Nielsen didn't limit the young ones to just one item, next on their wish list was the newly arrived Nintendo Wii U.  39 percent want it and again it's up to Santa to decide if his pockets are deep enough.  T

he Wii U retails for between $350 and $400.   The iPod Touch and the ipad Mini, at $199 and $329 respectively, tied for third with kids at 36 percent.  Meanwhile, a third of the children surveyed said they would like an iPhone.

Nielsen also interviewed teens to get an idea of their wish list and the iPad was on top again, but just 21 percent made it their number one choice.  Next in order were computers and the smaller tablets, followed by the iPhone.