Kohl's has seen some serious benefits to accepting Amazon returns and are ready to ramp up the initiative.

Amazon Prime Day is coming next week and Kohl's is going to make taking advantage of deals even easier for shoppers everywhere.

Lucky for folks on the SouthCoast, the Dartmouth Kohl's has been participating in the Amazon return program since April.

Well now that program is expanding to all Kohl's locations and both companies are excited about.

Honestly, so am I.

I think the worst thing about shopping online is the return process. Especially on clothes.

Now that is one less thing to worry about when shopping with Amazon.

Kohl's decided to team up with the online giant and accept returns for their site in stores across the country. And they do all the work.

You pick a location to return to and get a QR code sent to your email. Then you take the items and code to your selected Kohl's store and just leave everything behind.

They pack it, label it and ship it - all for free!

So much easier.

And the benefit for Kohl's? It gets people into their stores. And they of course hope you then look around while you are there and buy some stuff with the money you just got back from your return.

Really it's a win-win for everyone.

And now you can take advantage in any Kohl's you'd like, not just Dartmouth. Taunton, Seekonk, Warwick - they will all now take your Amazon returns.

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