A few weeks back now some Alexa users experienced a random outburst of laughter by Alexa and Amazon said they were looking into the issue.

What most people don't know is that isn't nearly the creepiest thing it can do. Alexa is capable of recording everything you say and stashing it into a database. Does it?

In short, yes. Amazon handed over audio recordings in a 2015 murder case, how did they get those files? Simple, Alexa already has them. You can delete them individually (at least the ones it says it has, even though it has them all) via the Alexa app, go into settings, history, select and delete. To delete them all at once, you need a laptop and use the following link: www.amazon.com/mycd.

Amazon is funny I must admit, they say they record you saying "Alexa" to simply make voice detection easier. COME ON, it worked just fine out of the box, didn't it? Ya know, before it started recording everything you said...

Now, most people may not care, giving the old excuse, "I don't care if the thing records me I have nothing to hide."

That's fine, but it's still a massive invasion of privacy.

Now, if you love Alexa, and feel she has too many benefits and she has become part of your daily life, I get it! You can listen to Fun 107 there anytime! To find out how, go here:


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