There is no rest for the wicked.

After landing a role as a paramedic in Bad Boys: Ride or Die starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, New Bedford native Alex Joseph Pires is already gearing up for what’s next. This time, his co-worker is a gecko.

“I’m shooting a series of Geico commercials in the Boston area, so I have five different spots that are going to be all over social media," Pires said.

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Pires will be playing a few different roles for each commercial. In one, he’ll portray a motorcycle rider.

“We’re doing the Cape Verdean Sons of Anarchy. It’s a vibe,” he joked.

In another commercial, he’ll play the owner of an RV camper.

“It will be a bunch of random characters for the different insurance policies,” he said.

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Pires felt fortunate to land a part in Bad Boys 4 and his hard work is paying off as he continues to find work.

During a visit to Fun 107 and WBSM, he said he hopes that all this screen time will lead to bigger and better roles.

“This industry is a really wonky place right now in terms of film and TV ... but I think the number of auditions I’ve been getting since all of this has been exemplary. We’re building some momentum here," Pires said.

Pires has a lot of big goals for the future and he aims to bring productions to New Bedford. The actor/creative producer is developing a TV show and a movie that would take place in New Bedford and the surrounding areas.

“You never see a movie with people that are actually from here and the story is about the people of New Bedford," he said. "You’ve never seen a black person with a Massachusetts accent in any of these movies or TV shows. There’s more to Massachusetts.”


Through his acting and production journey, Pires said he hopes to share the stories of Portuguese and Cape Verdean people. In the meantime, he'll continue chasing the next best acting gig.

Look for Pires in the new Geico social ads coming out next month.

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