Loved Story Land as a kid? Then get ready to walk down memory lane without the kids this summer.

The New Hampshire theme park for children has seen a lot of families come through their gates over the years, but for the first time in a decade they are throwing them open after hours, just for the adults.

I don't remember going as a child myself, but I have been in recent years with my little one and the idea of an adult-only after hours theme park night sounds awesome.

Riding all the rides, getting your picture taken at Cinderella's castle, eating cotton candy and popcorn all night long...and on top of that they'll be adult beverages and live music.

This is bound to be a sold out event.

And you can get your tickets for just $17 starting next Friday, March 15 at 10 a.m. here.

There are limited tickets to what the park is dubbing Nostalgia Night, so don't sleep on getting yours or you may have to wait another decade to do this.

And even though the tickets can be bought starting March 15, you do have to wait until Saturday June 22 to enjoy your kid free night at Story Land.

Live like a kid again for one, fun night.

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