During a time of face mask shortages, one local tux shop has come to the rescue.

It's been somewhat of a crazy whirlwind that's been circling the globe and for local business and hospitals, it's been rough.

We here on the SouthCoast are continuously blessed with the kindness our small companies have contributed to the community over the years. One of those small businesses is Main Street Formals and they're giving back in a big way.

The little tux and suit place over on Main Street in Acushnet has been dealing with slow business due to all of the events canceled because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, such as weddings and private functions that would normally require formal wear.

From the start of the morning to late into the day, Main Street Formals has been mending together handmade face masks out of their own fabric that would normally be used to hem and fix shirts, suits, and the like.


These special face masks have been and will continue to be contributed to local hospitals around the area.

Owner Robert Brunelle praises his seamstress Mary, who has been the backbone of the face mask operation.

"She is my head tailor, sent from God, and an unsung hero!" Brunelle said.

Mary and the rest of the staff have been working feverishly to increase the number of masks they can produce daily.

"We got through 50 today; speed will improve as we get used to making them," Brunelle said. "We’re upcycling pocket squares so they are going to look more fashionable than factory masks – just what you’d expect from the biggest little men’s store in New England."

Main Street Formals is among those truly making a difference through these difficult times and it's acts of kindness – like hand-crafted face masks, for example – that set the bar for how this country and the rest of the world will succeed past this hardship by working together and helping one another.

Kudos, Main Street Formals.

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