This year, for the holidays, I made the exciting decision to get a real Christmas tree for the first time ever. My cats completely destroyed my fake one last year, so it was the catalyst I needed to give a real one a try.

However, COVID-19 might ruin my chances. Keith’s Farm and Orchard in Acushnet announced today that they will be closed this season due to the coronavirus, and I’m sure they will not be the only ones.

Keith’s Farm has been a staple to the holidays for many families on the SouthCoast. Its Facebook states that they have the best produce and strawberries around in the spring, fall, and summer, and “in the winter season, Keith’s Farm moves down to the Christmas Tree Farm.”

The Keith's team posted the sad news Tuesday, stating “This was a hard decision…Hopefully next year will be better…be well, stay safe…Happy Holidays.”

A similar message is displayed on their website, saying, “We will miss our friends this season, but we wish you a merry Christmas and hope that 2021 will be a much better year.”

Their page was flooded with comments of disappointed families. Some were understanding, but others were not.

One person commented, “Our family tradition is a trip to Keith’s, we will miss you. Be well and happy holidays!”

Another person had a different view, saying, “Absolutely ridiculous. People can’t go get a Christmas tree but they can go to Walmart.”

In either case, it’s clear that Keith’s Farm and Orchard is a beloved place for so many people in the area. Christmas trees on the SouthCoast won’t be the same without the special touch from Keith’s.

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