Another boat has been illegally dumped in the woods on the SouthCoast, this time on the Middleborough/Wareham town line.

According to a Facebook post this morning by the Wareham Harbormaster Department, the vessel was found in the area of Beach Street and Route 58 in Middleborough.

Although it's not the same vessel that's been haunting authorities over the past few months, it's still a serious issue as it poses a danger to wildlife as well as others.

The boat's hull ID numbers and registration have been scraped off, so officials are searching online ads such as Craigslist in an attempt to find the owner.

Anyone with information on the abandoned boat is asked to contact Middleborough or Warehman Police, or the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

The WHD suggests if you do plan on disposing a boat or any other large debris, contact your local waste management facility.

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