Former New England Patriot and accused murderer, Aaron Hernandez', legal team is now in search of unedited news footage from the day Hernandez was issued a search warrant to search his North Attleborro home, in connection with the murder of his acquaintance Odin Lloyd. 

His lawyers are sighting a picture taken from the Attleborro Sun Chronicle in which the state trooper, who testified that he had issued the warrant at the front door, is walking toward said door with no paperwork visibly in his hands.

If the footage is obtained and Hernandez' lawyers' suspicions are correct it could cause the evidence that police found on that day to be thrown out. A development like that could really hurt the case against Hernandez, who is set to appear at Suffolk Superior Court, today, for a scheduled hearing in connection with a 2012 double murder in Boston, in which he has been charged.