The Zeiterion Performing Arts Center has been a SouthCoast staple for many years. I'm pretty sure we all have at least one memory from this theater.

I can recall a few of my high school summers spent working with the New Bedford Festival Theater in creating some amazing magic on the Z stage. So many amazingly talented people have walked onto that stage.

Something I didn't know about the Zeiterion is that between the run of shows or performances, they place what's called a "ghost light" on the stage. It remains lit until performers return to the stage.

It seems that this is a tradition in theaters, probably for safety reasons but there are some superstitions associated with it as well.

On the Zeiterion PAC Facebook page, they shared a picture of the ghost light along with a message of hope and its extra special meaning during these difficult times.

"Though we don’t know exactly when, let this be your beacon of hope that life will return to normal and we will experience the joy of community, connection, and the performing arts together again," the post reads.

With so many amazing shows lined up for this year, including New Bedford Festival Theater's Annie set to hit the Z stage in late July, we certainly hope that everyone is doing their part to practice social distancing so we can soon turn the ghost light off and the spotlights back on.

Are there things you are doing at home to keep hope? For me, I make sure to call a friend and make some tentative plans for the future. Having something to look forward to is what's getting me through this.

Hope everyone is being safe and staying healthy.

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