Yes, I'm Portuguese. That isn't news around the SouthCoast. Who doesn't have a little Portuguese in them around here?

My actual last name of Medeiros is so common around here I don't even have to spell it when telling people what it is. But if I go anywhere else in the country, people ask if I'm Greek! When I tell them I'm Portuguese, they ask if I have ever been to Portugal. I have to tell them that sadly, I have not.

Well, the travel gods must be trying to send me a message because I keep coming across all of these articles that say Portugal is the BEST travel destination in the world.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I have been wanting to make a trip to the homeland. Madeira and Lisbon are definitely on the bucket list. I even second-guessed myself on taking a trip to Sydney and instead going to Portugal. Looking back, I totally should have.

Have you made the trip to anywhere in Portugal? If so, what are the must sees and dos there? Where should I fly in?

It looks like I better start saving my pennies and get over there. With all this attention, Portugal is bound to get all the tourists.

photo cred: Deb DaCosta
photo cred: Deb DaCosta

Now all of Portugal has the four seasons just like us, right? So I should probably wait until it gets a little warmer so I can get outdoors and be adventurous. Let's not forget my priority: wine. Can we ship some back to the States? I'll share.

Who wants to come to Portugal with me?

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