Anybody besides me witness something strange in Fall River the other night?

On Wednesday, October 10 around 7:25 p.m., I was walking out of White's of Westport on Route 6 with my buddy Chris Johnson, when we both noticed something very weird.

If you walk out the main doors and look straight ahead across the water, that's the exact location of the phenomenon. The night sky was lit up like a light bulb and loud popping noises, like far away gunshots, rang over the water. I've seen and heard a lot of mysterious things in this area, but never anything like this.

A worker at White's told us that the last time he heard or saw anything of that matter was when an aerosol factory caught fire.

I'm well aware that there's been demolishing on the two Brayton Point towers, but the direction I was facing didn't exactly match with the location of the towers.

Johnson was able to capture the event on his camera phone, but were we the only two people to notice this?

Turn up the volume and watch for yourself and if you have any answers, we would love to know!

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