The summer of 2022 has been brutal so far with a heatwave that's stretched itself beyond comfort. Over the weekend, if you weren't in a swimming pool or cooling off at the beach, you were most likely spending most of your time in the air-conditioning.

One little creature got himself in a bind over the weekend in its own bid to keep cool, making a local Somerset family a couple of heroes.

On Sunday, July 24, Dan and Kyla Stoddard woke up to the most unusual sight in their backyard. They discovered something swimming some laps in their pool.

To their surprise, it was a skunk wading around the deep end.

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I don't know about you, but I've never seen a skunk swim before. Luckily, Dan captured footage:

He notified his wife that an unexpected visitor was cooling off in the pool, and that's when Kyla realized the skunk needed a helping hand. Together, the Stoddards rushed down to the pool, scooped the little guy up with the skimmer and gently placed him on the grass.

"It was crazy. I've never in my life seen anything like it," Dan said. "It just sat there on the grass for a good 20 minutes taking a break from all the swimming it did. Who knows how long it was trapped swimming around aimlessly. We were just about to call animal control to make sure it was OK, but then it got up and scurried away."

Perhaps the skunk was trying to get a quick drink and accidentally fell in, or maybe it just needed to cool off. Either way, the Stoddards were quick to the rescue. Hopefully, the skunk is roaming around unharmed.

A good lesson is that a pool topper could save the life of an animal or even a child that gets too close to the edge.

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