I swear some people have all the luck in the world.

On Aug. 18, Puerto Rican rapper and singer Bad Bunny flew into Massachusetts to perform his hit songs Dakiti, Mia, and I Like It (ft. Cardi B).

Little did 34-year-old New Bedford native Jason Perry know as he shipped up to Boston to see the show at Fenway Park that he was about to stand 10 feet from one of the biggest international superstars.

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When Perry scored tickets for himself and his date Alexia, it's safe to say he wasn't prepared for this kind of night.

Thanks to a stranger's random act of kindness, the two were able to upgrade their seats for a much better view and the time of their lives.

"I just happened to be at the right place, right time," Perry said, still shocked at the gesture.

"My girl and I were dancing, having a blast, and trying to grab a drink at the concession stand when some dude who was in VIP in the front row (along with his girlfriend) randomly told us to join them up front. Before we knew it, we were front row at the sickest concert of my life."

Let's be honest. Concerts these days are pricey, but an experience of a lifetime like Perry had is priceless. All thanks to a couple of people who casually and randomly extended an invitation.

I'm a little jealous, but pumped for Perry. Now that's a solid date for the books.

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