There's nothing like a positive story to brighten even the darkest of days.

Over in Fairhaven, a mystery note was found on the windshield of a teenager's car and it is 100% proof that good people still exist in this world.

The vehicle was parked behind The Phoenix Restaurant on Huttleston Avenue in Fairhaven. As Lily Thomas went to her car, she found a note on her driver's side windshield:

Courtesy Michelle Fortin Thomas
Courtesy Michelle Fortin Thomas

I received a message from the teen's mother, Michelle Fortin Thomas, on Facebook asking if I could help her find the person responsible for being so kind to her daughter. The note was left Feb. 26 but Michelle, of Acushnet, claims she simply can't stop thinking about it.

Something serious could have happened if Lily had driven off, unaware of the tire situation, since it could have been on the opposite side of where she was walking. Her mother has this simple message for her daughter's savior:

"I just want to say thank you so much! It’s not very often we see acts of kindness like this. A small gesture, to take the time to write the note, meant so much. It was such a nice surprise! The smiley face really took it over the top for me. I teach kindergarten and I talk about kindness all the time with my 5-year-olds, but to see a grown-up show an act of kindness just totally made my day and my daughter’s! It’s a small act, but it's so kind."

If anyone has any idea who this mystery angel is, please feel free to reach out to me at so this family can show their gratitude.

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