I'm pretty excited to be taking a day trip to The Big Apple the weekend after Thanksgiving! My husband, myself, my Mom, and some of her friends are all getting on a bus and heading down there for the day.

We're meeting at my Mom's best friend's house at 9am, heading to NYC where we should arrive around lunch time. The bus will drop us off wherever we want and off we go! Some of us may go shopping, some may catch a show, some may just take in the city all day. Either way, I think it's going to be a blast and I'm very excited to go.

I told Michael and Larry about my NYC bus trip, and I was pretty surprised by Michael's response. He hated the idea! I don't understand why...it seems like a good idea to me.  A bus ride with some fun people and then a day of doing whatever I want in the city and then when I'm tired and want to go home, I don't even have to drive myself back, I have a bus that will take me back home!  He says he doesn't like the idea of being on the bus with strangers that probably smell bad.

I tried to explain to him that the people on the bus aren't exactly strangers...they are my Mom's friends and acquaintances! Yes, some of them I don't know, but I'm sure if they are friends of my Mom's, they are fine! I'm pretty sure they will be nice and I'm hopeful they will shower before the big trip haha!

Maybe I'd be uncomfortable if I was going completely alone...but I'll be with my husband and my Mom, so I can't imagine it would be anything but fun!

What do you think? A bus trip to NYC with about 40 people, some you don't know, weird and not enjoyable at all, or sounds like a good time and a chance to meet new people? Take the poll here: