Every year, I volunteer to judge the Massachusett's FOP Wing Fling. It's a charity event to raise funds for police officers and their families, that have been injured or killed in the line of duty. It's a great event for a great cause and I love helping out each year. This year's event was this past Saturday night at the Elks Lodge in Attleboro, MA.

I was asked back as a judge this year, along with some radio personalities from 94 HJY, news anchor John DeLuca from ABC 6, the mayor of Attleboro Kevin Dumas, and a few Patriot's players, among many others.

I like to arrive a little early, before my judging duties begin, so I can walk around to mingle with people and also to get to try as many chicken wings as possible. Mission accomplished!

By about 9pm, the judging was set to begin. Each year, there are a round of gourmet wings to judge and a round hot wings to judge, and each time I always go straight for the hot. Every year so far, I've done hot wings, never tap out and always finish even the hottest of wings! This year was no different.

I sat at the judge table in between the other radio personalities and my hot wing partner in crime, John DeLuca. We were ready! The wings are brought to us in unmarked styrofoam containers with just a number on the box, so that we can't just choose our favorite by the name of the restaurant...that would be cheating. We have a sheet of paper where we mark our scores and at the end of the night, they are tallied up and trophies are given to the winners.

Usually the hottest wings are saved for last and there is one, made my the Attleboro Police Dept. that is so hot, it makes people cry and sometimes vomit, but not me. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself, the only woman at the judging table and I ate every wing and did not cry or vomit! The crowd that was cheering us on was shocked that my mouth wasn't on fire and I wasn't grasping for the nearest piece of bread or pitcher of milk. I just calmly ate my wings. Yes, a few of them were hot, but nothing I couldn't handle. I've always been the type to eat really, really hot food.

When it all was said and done, the hottest wing award went to once again, the Attleboro Police Department, who are said to have put actually pepper spray in their hot wings, yowza! The award for 'People's Choice' went to Boneheads Wing Bar, as it should have, they have hands down, the very best wings. I'm thrilled that Boneheads is opening up a second location soon on the Southcoast in Fall River!

It was a great night, another Wing Fling in the books! I can't wait til next year to help out my favorite event and chow down on some tasty hot wings!