It's Feast weekend in New Bedford, a staple SouthCoast event for decades. And one of the few SouthCoast things I have actually done. But there are still many I have not.

I am still kinda new to the SouthCoast, though I did grow up not too far away. And yet there are quite of few local things I have never done.

  • Go To Battleship Cove

I feel like I really should have experienced this one on a field trip at some point in my life, but somehow I never did. And though I've seen the battleship many, many times, I have never actually set foot on it. Weird right?

  • Fish

The most valuable fishing port in the country is New Bedford and I have never in my life fished. Not in any way, shape or form. Not even once. Crazy how fishing is a part of so many local people's everyday lives and I know nothing about it.

  • Visit Profile Rock

Perhaps this one has to do with the fact that I didn't actually grow up around here and therefore missed this teenage rite of passage. But I've never seen Profile Rock with my own eyes and I guess I never will.

  • Go to the Whaling City Festival

Again I'm going to chalk this one up to not growing up on the SouthCoast. This summer tradition was not part of my childhood and my kids are currently a bit too young to really enjoy a carnival. So if the event keeps happening, maybe I can cross this one off the list soon.

  • Visit Nantucket

This one may not exactly be a SouthCoast staple, but with the island so close and so many ways to get out there I feel like a should have been there by now. Though in my defense I have been to Martha's Vineyard and Block Island, so two out of three ain't bad.

So are there some super SouthCoast things you've never done?

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