“Beer and Wine Only” is never going to cut it at my family's Thanksgiving festivities. We go all out, not just on food but drinks too! We always have all kind of different mixtures to get everyone talking and being festive. Here are 5 of my favorites that I wanted to share with you, and they are easy to make in big batches. Enjoy!


1. Evening in Kingston


After the four thousandth inquiry about your relationship status, you’ll want a cocktail made with four kinds of booze and nothing else. Recipe here.

2. Apple Brandy Hot Toddies


It's gonna be a very cold Thanksgiving this year, but it wont bother you at all if you have one of these. Recipe here.

3.Spiced Cranberry Sangria


This one will keep the ladies happy while us men enjoy some scotch. Recipe here.


4. The Witches Coffee


Sometimes coffee just isn’t strong enough. Recipe here.

5. Chilled Cider Punch


They say that ginger beer is good for digestion. So in actuality, this cocktail is for the heath nuts in your family. Recipe here.