"I'm on fire..... FIREBALL!"

Gazelle and Abby got the chance to test out the new 'Fireball' amusement ride at this years 2017 Whaling City Festival. Here's what to expect from this ride:

Travel upside-down 60’ above the ground on a 360 degree looping roller coaster.  

Thank goodness Gazelle is 6'4", because the height requirements are 48″ (4 feet tall), unless accompanied (safe to say, Abby cleared the 4-foot mark as well).

All in all... the intensity level was at full force and if you're attending the fair this year, you might not want to miss out on this one... it's a doozie! Just watch for yourself as Gazelle captures 360 degree footage, inside and out with his GoPro cam for an ultimate watching experience!

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