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I am not a good cook. However, there are a few tricks I’ve learned from a well-known teacher that have stuck with me more than 15 years after leaving her middle school classroom. I know I’m not the only one who still does things a certain way because it’s how she ingrained them into our brains.

Mrs. Mary Anne Casserly began teaching "Foods” at Dartmouth Middle School back in 1994. It wasn't technically “Home Economics” because her course only focused on cooking and nutrition, but the lessons made a lasting impact on thousands of students throughout her career. She concluded her career as a guidance counselor back in January of 2015.

Affectionately called “Mrs. Casserole,” she gave many of us our first real introduction on how to cook and clean the kitchen in an efficient way. We asked folks if they still have her voice in their heads as they operate as grown adults. We weren’t really surprised to learn how many people she had an effect on decades later.

10 Tips From Mrs. Casserly That Make Adulting Easier Today

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