One thing that can be agreed upon from most 20 and 30 somethings is that television programming in the 90's was pretty awesome. Before you could go out, there was TGIF on ABC. 

Most of us were still without the cable and satellite television of today, so network television was fantastic. These are the reasons why TGIF was the best thing in the world from back then.

1. You wanted to go to Wisconsin and ride this roller coaster

2. The important questions were always asked


3. 'Clueless' suddenly became a TV show

4. Dinosaurs came to life!


 5. Also, cats could talk!

6. Dude...

7. It was always a very special episode of 'Full House'...

8. Corey and Topanga



9. John Stamos

10.  Steve Urkel was everyone's favorite nerd