Valentine's Day is hard enough without the flower company messing up, and that's just what 1-800-Flowers did for a lot of customers.If you don't know, 1-800-Flowers delivers an assortment of flowers and arrangements to your significant other's work place or home. You can get roses, chocolates, and even some flower arrangements of animal faces!

Sounds cool, until the products you order are given to your lovely wife looking like some of these below.

According to, people complained on Twitter and Facebook about receiving dead flowers, melted chocolates, and wrong items all together.

The company tried to apologize for the blunders on social media, but people still aren't happy. But, this isn't even the first Valentine's Day 1-800-Flowers has screwed up. The company made many of the same mistakes last year, too.

Some customers were offered discounts on future products and a little money back, but others just got an apology with no refund.

Thankfully, my husband Matt used a different company to send me flowers here at work, so I got a perfect bunch of roses!