Mariachi Band Follows High School Principal All Day [VIDEO]
New Bedford High School was recently in the news because of a prank that closed the school for one day.
Many were vocal about the type of prank it was and how it affected people negatively.
Seniors at a high school in Santa Barbara thought of a prank that seems to get nothing but laughs at their high …
Woman Squirts Breast Milk Into Carton Milk At Work
This woman wins the award for most disgusting prank of the year.
I can see how a young person may think its funny but this seems like a full grown adult woman pulling pranks on her co workers.
On the other hand, if its good enough for baby's, why not anyone...
Bruno Mars and Ellen Team Up For Prank
Ellen teamed up with her guest Bruno Mars to pull a hilarious prank on a sweet nurse. Ellen hired a nurse to administer a quick medical check up on Bruno while he was in his dressing room.
What the nurse didn’t know was that Bruno was wearing an ear piece connected to Ellen&CloseCurly…

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