Funny Snowman Prank Hits Boston [VIDEO]
This prank has been going on for three years, but this year, it makes its debut in Boston as this snowman gets people jumping, and a good chuckle from the Boston police.
Beware of some very slight NSFW audio at the half way point. (after all, these people are scared)
Check out the funny reactions from…
Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise For ‘Carrie’ Remake Release [VIDEO]
With Halloween right around the corner, I always love to watch old classics like Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, and I usually come across one that I never seen before. I'd hear a lot about it, but never had the opportunity to sit down and watch it, and it happened again this ye…
You’ll Die Laughing At This Drive Thru Skeleton Prank Video
If you've never been a fast food employee, you don't know what it's like dealing with the drive thru. Usually it's the same thing over and over, but sometimes things get a little mixed up. This all new skeleton at the drive thru prank is just in time for Halloween, and it's …
Justin Bieber Lookalike Pranks Boston Concert Goers
Justin Bieber's concert at the TD Garden in Boston last week was an incredible show, but the scene outside turned a bit crazy, as a Bieber lookalike pretended to walk around with "photographers" following him.
His real name is Jeremy Frost, but for a few minutes he got to feel …
New York Cab Driver Pranks Riders
I love hidden camera pranks. It can be funny to see people react when odd things happen.
Check out this video of a New York City cab drier who startles a few unsuspecting riders with his "GPS"

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