If you had to chose a nut for a quick snack, would it be an almond or a peanut? Well, I can tell you that my husband and I are on the opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to the type of nuts we enjoy. Jathan loves peanuts whereas I will pick an almond every time.

The Washington Post reports that most Americans reach for an almond before a peanut. In the 1970s Americans ate about "just over a quarter of a pound of almonds per year. Now they consume more than two pounds per year."

Why the surge in the purchasing power of the almond? According to Outside, "the nut has been associated with longevity, heart health, and even weight management." Plus, the fat found in almonds is part of a healthy diet. As if that isn't enough for you to grab a few almonds for a quick snack, you can drink almond milk along with your almond butter and jelly sandwich.

Of course, my husband would have a few things to say if I used almond butter in his peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Rest assured honey, I will continue to buy peanut butter as it is a staple in "90 percent of kitchen cabinets" across the United States over almond butter, reports Livestrong.