Today, I visited the kids at the George H. Potter Elementary School in Dartmouth, MA for Literacy Week.

What an awesome surprise when I arrived, they had greeters waiting for me with a beautiful, handmade sign that said "Welcome Loren Petisce" and all the kids signed it!

I got to read a book to Mrs. Oliver's and Mrs. Gallagher's 5th Grade class, and afterwards the kids and I chatted.  They had lots of questions, which was fun for me!  Everything from "what's my favorite kind of non-healthy food?" to which I responded Mac & Cheese of course(!!), to "Do Michael Rock and Larry ever embarrass you on the radio?"  The answer to that was, yes, they did that on my very first day, haha!

We had a great time and when it was time to go, we snapped a couple pics and they presented me with a beautiful plant as a thank you for coming in!

TSM/Loren Petisce

Thank YOU, students and staff at George H. Potter School in Dartmouth, MA!  I had a great time with you all today!